Balancing Energy In Our Lives

The two energies in humans that are masculine and feminine energy are not bound by gender. However, usually between men and women, there is more dominant energy and there is also a balance. Then, what is meant by masculine energy and feminine energy? And how can the two energies be balanced? Masculine energy as you can see in is about doing and being action-oriented. Meanwhile, feminine energy is about being and creative intuition.

If likened to the world of tantra, the moon is associated with feminine energy, coldness, white color, the element of water, and intuitive processes. Meanwhile, the sun is associated with masculine energy, heat, the color red, the element of fire, and intelligence. Masculine energy is stable and more predictable, according to Sylvia Salow. His strengths are will, clarity, and focus. According to Carl Jung, if you are a more dominant person with masculine energy then you are a person with the following characteristics:

– Have good rational and logical skills.
– Have the ability to think clearly and not be tied down.
– Have the ability to build with ongoing effort and application.
– Always be a strong center.
– Have good external strength in persona.
– Mastering science.
– Have creative thinking in solving problems.

The power of masculine energy comes from his knowledge. Pure masculine energy has the gift of clarity, so he knows what needs to be done to achieve something, according to Sylvia Salow. There is no confusion or lack of direction that blinds the masculine because this energy has powerful knowledge. A person with the dominant masculine energy is an expert in planning and formulating guidelines based on logic and experience. Some people think that feminine energy is better than masculine energy. However, the reality is not like that. There is nothing good or bad here. The truth is that masculine energy without feminine energy is incomplete, and vice versa. When masculine energy is too dominant, you may feel unappreciated, tired, stressed, overworked, and unloved.

Likewise with feminine energy, when feminine energy is too dominant, you feel unsupported, unfocused, and unstable. Without a clear goal or direction so you feel no sense of success. You can see the interactions that occur between the two. Masculine chases, plans, and focuses. Feminines enjoy creating, dreaming, and opening up.

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