Be Familiar with the Stages of Ibogaine Treatment!

It doesn’t matter how often I talk about ibogaine treatment. People have the reasons and interest for going online when it comes to gathering information about ibogaine clinics. Do you think so? Everything about this treatment is vital to know and understand so that is why you may not stop your research if you still have many questions that you store in your mind. Now, we will take pride in sharing the article about stages of ibogaine treatment with you. We suggest you to not leave your seat if you still want to be able to choose prepartion for ayashca treatment center without having the doubt at all.

The first stage is the dream stage. Someone will want to lay prone after he feels nausea and vomiting as the effect of given ibogaine in their body. In the dream stage, the patient will start to hear buzzing sounds and feels random light flashes in eyes. Important to know, the effect of the ibogaine consumption can last for hours to some days. That is why the patient must stay in the center during the curing process.

Introspective phase is the second stage that every patient will go through. The ibogaine moves the energy in the whole body. For your additional information, this phase can also present cardiac arrhythmias. Some patients may have the difficulties to move from the bed because the dose of the medicine puts the heavy effect on the body of patients. The period of this stage can be between 5 to 8 hours. Of course, you should not worry because your loved one is with experienced and well-trained ibogaine professional.

The last phase cultivates the art of living the patient’s mind. They will feel relaxed and positive. Unfortunately, headaches and body aches can be also the effects of this stage.

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