Serving Warehouse Management Services

The 迷你倉 is a facility that is often used in a series of permanent logistics activities. The warehouse is used as a temporary storage place for controlling stock before being distributed. Warehousing management itself is an order for warehousing management and distribution of goods so that stored goods are always in good condition. In addition, it also includes a system of distributing goods to agents or retailers at a predetermined time, specifications and the right amount. Our company serves warehousing management services for warehousing inventory management. Almost more than 65% of problems that occur in warehouses are management related to storage of goods which causes operating costs to be large, including the number of items that do not match between actual and database, goods in the database, but difficult to find, storage does not match layout, movement goods are not FIFO or FEFO, warehouse is messy, quality of goods decreases and the amount is difficult to control, warehouse is inefficient and accident-prone.

Principle 5R is part of warehouse management. The 5S/5R principle is a method that has been proven and systematically tested in the management of goods or materials in warehousing. With the implementation of 5S, warehouses become more productive, efficient, safe and comfortable. Storage of FIFO items is often applied in storing goods in warehouses. FIFO is often used for businesses that are less able to last long. So it is feared that if the goods that come stored too long can damage the quality of the goods themselves. Basically, storage with LIFO or FIFO systems depends on the type of goods stored.

It is expected that the first item enters the warehouse is the item that first comes out. This means that the items will not be stored too long in the warehouse. So items with the earliest expiration period will also come out early. That way, you can guarantee the quality of goods. Besides that, you can also anticipate the occurrence of mass damage.

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