Tips For Getting Children To Sit In Car Seats

It is not uncommon for children to scream when they want to be occupied in the car seat. Many also continue to do so along the way. Unfortunately, this happens not just once, but every time your little one is invited to ride. You are not alone, many parents of babies feel stressed because their child does not want to sit in the best convertible car seat in 2022.

It’s hard when you have to concentrate behind the wheel and try to calm your baby from a certain distance at the same time. So what can you do to help your baby stay calm and prevent you from getting emotional? Here are some helpful tips from moms who went through something similar:

1. Use a large mirror
If your child still has to be placed in a rear-facing car seat, place a large mirror behind the seat. That way you can see what the baby is doing and let the baby know you are still nearby. Usually, very small babies often panic and fear if their parents leave. Well, by continuing to stare at you, your little one will feel calmer.

2. Reduce driving with babies
As much as possible reduce the time for traveling with the baby. Be a homebody for a while, Bun. If you have an appointment with friends or family, ask them to come to your house. People will understand that it’s not easy going out with a baby.
Public transportation, such as online taxis, is another alternative or you can walk if you are traveling a short distance. Hold your baby and you can chat with him as you walk. He may not hear all your stories but he will fall asleep in your arms.

3. Check baby’s health
If the baby has never cried in the car seat before, and he has been fussy since he got home, your little one may have an ear infection or other disease. Visit the pediatrician to find out the health conditions that occur.

4. Familiarize babies with car seats
Bring the car seat into the house and let them babysit and play with it. Once he’s used to it, he’ll be more than happy to sit there when he travels.

5. Provide a little entertainment
Prepare a box of soft, safe toys that you only use in the car, such as stuffed animals or sponge blocks. When Interestingly enough, this toy will distract your baby during short trips. Avoid hard toys because they can cause injury when the car stops suddenly.

6. Entertaining environment
Attach or hang the toy behind the passenger seat, facing the baby. Or use string to hang lots of toys from the car ceiling. Place the toy close to the baby so he can reach it from his seat. Do not use hard toys that could hurt the child if they fall off during a sudden stop.