What To Prepare Before Washing Carpets

Carpets or rugs are one type of base that is usually used at various events continue reading. Because of its function as a floor mat, it is not surprising that the carpet is very prone to getting dirty. Most carpets also have a fluffy and soft texture so that the carpet easily absorbs food crumbs or absorbs dust. So that a dirty carpet can cause allergies and respiratory problems because it accommodates a lot of dust, not only that, a dirty carpet can also cause various diseases. To keep your carpet clean and free from dust, it is recommended to wash it with carpet cleaning northern beaches every 3-4 months. But if you have pets or small children at home, then you have to wash them more often because the carpet will get dirty more easily.

Before washing you need to prepare the tools and materials that will be used when washing, don’t forget to check the weather forecast for that day, if the weather is sunny then you can continue washing because the carpet needs sunlight to dry so it doesn’t leave a musty smell and so you don’t have to bother to lift the carpet into the house if it suddenly rains. Prepare a special carpet shampoo, brush, vacuum cleaner, rubber gloves, dish soap, squeegee or glass cleaner, bucket, water hose, and sponge. The next steps to washing the carpet are as follows:

Clean the carpet from dust using a vacuum cleaner. Before you use a vacuum cleaner, first shake your carpet or beat it with a broom to get rid of various types of food crumbs. After that, you suck the dust on the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. Suck the top of the carpet between the fibers. Then proceed with vacuuming the dust stuck to the bottom or back of the carpet. Next, roll the carpet and spread it on support or clothesline with the carpet hanging in a position so that when the carpet is washed, the water will easily flow over it.

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