When your carpet gets smelly after being washed

Carpet is one of the vital household appliances. Its function is always utilized, both in family monitoring conditions and even official events. The use of carpet that continues to make the carpet often stain. One way to remove stains with a clean wash is not enough to vacuum using a vacuum or just drying it. Meanwhile, visit http://thehillscarpetcleaning.com if you need to hire a trusted best carpet cleaning north shore.

However, when you wash the carpet, it is dried in the sun, after drying it still has a musty smell. Especially if it doesn’t dry in one day. Not that the carpet is comfortable to use, but the atmosphere of the house is uncomfortable due to unpleasant odors.

Even though you are sure, when cleaning the carpet is clean. Even you have mixed perfumers on the carpet as well as giving clothes fragrance.

If this happens there is something missing in the process of carpet cleaning. The smell on the carpet that is washed is actually not because it is not dry or less clean when brushing. The smell of this carpet is due to bacteria that nest.

Carpet feathers make bacteria grow multiply along with the level of humidity. So do not be surprised if the carpet is splashed with just a glass of water that causes odor.

Now to avoid unpleasant odors when the carpet is washed you can do a number of things. One of them, when rinsing the carpet with a brush, give a little chlorine next to the detergent.

The function of chlorine in addition to making it easier to shed dirt is also able to kill bacteria that cause odor. With the right administration of chlorine, guaranteed washing your carpet will not smell anymore. Just adjust the amount of chlorine, but it gets too high.

How to get rid of the smell of the carpet after washing can also be done by giving salt during the final rinsing of the carpet. Dissolve the salt then pour it on the carpet and clean it again with plain water.

That is why the carpet in the house stinks after being washed. Good luck, tricks to get rid of the smell after being washed.

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