The Danger Of Centipedes

Even though centipede poison isn’t as deadly as poisonous snake poison, there are still dangers of centipede in our daily lives. If allowed to continue, centipedes will make a nest and breed in our homes. As a result, centipede colonies in the house became more and more troubling. That is why you need to get pest control Perth to fix this problem in your house. For those of you who don’t know about the dangers of centipedes, consider the dangers of these animals:

1. Biting you and children. Centipede bites do not contain toxins. However, this centipede bite still causes pain that disappears in days. Without us knowing, centipedes that have lodged in the house can come to us and bite it. Not only in yourself, but children or babies can also be threatened by this centipede bite. Imagine if babies or children are bitten by centipedes. Although not poisonous, they must cry because these animal bites cause long-lasting pain. Not only yourself and family members who are threatened by centipede bites, but pets at home are also threatened by these animal bites. If you have a dog or cat, then suddenly they feel itchy or a rash appears on their skin, it could be that they have just been bitten by a centipede.

2. Enter the body. Of the many dangers of a centipede, it seems that this one centipede danger can make us anxious. Yes, there are several cases of centipedes that enter the body without the knowledge of the victim. The ear is the path most often traveled by centipedes who want to enter the body. Terrible, this animal enters the body when the victim is asleep. So, can you imagine if suddenly a centipede came out of your ears after sleeping?

3. Polluting water. A bathroom is a place where a centipede likes to make nests. The danger of centipedes that nest in the bathroom is this animal will enter the crevices of the tile or bathtub to lay eggs there. Of course, this centipede egg will pollute the water in the bathtub. Well, can you imagine if you take a shower everyday, wash your hair, even brush your teeth with water that has been contaminated by centipede eggs?

One of the goals of pest control is to minimize losses due to pests, meaning that pest control services serve when there is a call when the problem is in your home that can harm you. So that’s when pest control services are present to cope with the losses that occur, so that there are no bigger losses.

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