Tips To Gain Health Body and Avoid The Cough and Cold Symptoms

We as transmitters send out electrical signals in the form of thoughts and the Universe matches those thoughts in manifest form. Positive and happy thoughts attract happy manifestations while unhappy thoughts of protest and fear attract negative manifestations. Like it or not, putting it in our mind will attract it one way or another. So how do we use this awareness to stay healthy in the winter? Look for things you can understand better than complaining. Look for things that make you feel good rather than make you feel bad. If you are waiting at the bus station and the rain starts, focus on the fact that the bus will not be long. We must remember that we are all individuals and that everyone who knows what we like is a leader within us read more in

Focus on “at least I have an umbrella” Think how nice it would be to get to work and stay dry. Imagine how delicious your morning coffee is as it warms you. Of course, it’s easy to find a sense of gratitude when you’re vacationing at the beach in the summer (I believe that’s one of the reasons we’re so healthy in the summer), but There are things you can focus on when it’s cold. the wind blows. It takes a bit of focus and determination to find things that are good in nature instead of those that are bad in nature.

If taking your vitamin C makes you feel better, by all means, avoid a cough and cold, do it. If you stay at home one day when you feel rotten is better than going to work and sneeze at everyone and “welding”, do it. Basically, whatever “seems the right thing to do” is the answer. Your inner guidance knows what’s best for you, so listen and you’ll be able to enjoy a better winter than if you ignored your own wisdom.

It’s easy to find fault with things when it’s cold and wet and prefer to stay at home with hot chocolate and a good movie. Allowing negative thoughts of complaining to settle in your mind will only bring negative reflections, so banish them and look for positive thoughts. Imagine your summer vacation, feeling the warmth of the sun on your face and the sand between your toes. Enjoy your holiday long before it arrives, you will get rid of cough and cold and when the holiday season comes, it will be better than you think. Wow, you’re going to win on all fronts. If your body wants to rest more during the winter months, do it, if it wants to play in the snow, do it. Whatever “makes you feel good”. What works for one person may not work for others.

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